Business Process Outsourcing

India being one of the most preferred centers of outsourcing business operations, VBizAp has leveraged on the cost benefit that can be offered to customers in the developed countries to outsource the operations of a television channel. With a unique skill combination of completely understanding the operations of a television channel and the cost advantage of operating from India, we offer a very unique solution to outsource the business process.

This reduces the burden of capital investments required to maintain data in an integrated solution like CHAMP, training and re-training numerous personnel on the usage of various modules and biggest risk of employee turnovers. For more details on how BPO can help you contact us at

Business Process Re-Engineering

It is customary during implementation of any enterprise solution to study the existing process (manual or automated). After the study, areas where the business process can be changed are listed and areas where the software must be changed are also listed. The change in business process to accommodate a proven work flow is called Business Process Re-Engineering.

VBizAp has extensive exposure to the best practices in the industry and will be able to identify these areas during the initial phase of the project. The recommendations in coordination with the customer can be implemented smoothly during the changeover.


This is a continuation of the effects of the initial study. Although it is feasible to alter the work flow in certain areas, there will still be areas where the software has to accommodate the work flow. This is called the customization of the software. Typically, unique business rules pertaining to the customer, data requirements, reporting requirements and interfacing requirements have to be customized to protect the investment on equipment and training to personnel.

Systems Integration

This is a crucial requirement for all stations as the crux of the benefits of an automated system lie in the seamless integration of equipment that perform the broadcast. VBizAp excels in maintaining the flexibility of integrating with any 3 rd party application that is open for integration.

Data Migration

If a customer has legacy data that must be transferred into CHAMP while migrating from an existing outdated solution, we have data migration procedures and programs that enable smooth transfer of data. This is a very complex exercise and a complete migration may or may not be possible depending on the availability of data in the required format. This is studied on a case to case basis and will be estimated for every project.

On-Site Support and Maintenance

VBizAp also can provide personnel familiar with the business process of a channel coupled with in-depth training in CHAMP. Depending on the size of the channel, criticality of the modules procured and the requirement for continuous on-site training and support, we can provide personnel on a time and material billing for specific periods.