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Champ - Broadcast Management System

An end-to-end Broadcast Management System for Television Channels. Manage Rights, Program Scheduling, Ad sales, Traffic, Promotions and Billing


MDMS - Movie Distribution Management System
A data collection, Analytics and Estimation tool for the Movie distribution business. Covers entire gamut of revenues including Box Office, Fixed Hires and other Sale of Rights.
Broadcast Management System

About Us

We are a software development company with a primary focus on revenue management for the media industry. We have been in business since 1998 with varied experience within the media segment. Our expertise lies in managing revenues from advertisements for various corporates be it a television channel, a radio station, a movie theatre, or a magazine publisher. We also do revenue management for the Film distribution industry.

Our strength has been in designing software that lets every department in the organization do their jobs more efficiently and the consolidation of accounting numbers automatically fall in place.

Our Services


Azure Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes applications accessible using cloud resources. Use our software on the cloud and stop worry about maintaining the h...

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Business Analysis

We have extensive exposure to the best practices in the industry and will be able to identify these areas during the initial phase of t...

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Data Science

We offer solutions in Computer Vision, IoT, Text Analytics, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. We work with clients in various vertic...

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Bespoke Development

We offer bespoke development services for any media-related business. Leverage our more than two-decade experience in the Media domain ...

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Project Management

Project management includes the planning, initiation, execution, monitoring, and closing of a project. The primary challenge of project...

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Data Migration

If a customer has legacy data that must be transferred into CHAMP while migrating from an existing solution, we have data migration pro...

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