MDMS - Movie Distribution Management System

A data collection, Analytics, and Estimation tool for the Movie distribution business. Covers the entire gamut of revenues including Box Office,
Fixed Hires, and other Sale of Rights.


  • Weekly Booking Creation
  • Circuit wise, Sub Dist wise Bookings
  • Data view restricted as per rights (Circuit and SD wise)
  • Booking Verification and Approval at one source

Digital RO

  • Issue RO to Integrators
  • Systemized Approval and Reconciliation workflow

Box Office Collections

  • Box Office Collections Entry for Direct Dist
  • Sub Dist Collections can also be captured
  • Contract Preparation
  • Weekly DCR verification and Expense Capture
  • Invoicing

Document Management

Upload Documents such as

  • BOC — Weekly DCR
  • BOC Contract
  • Customer information

Accounts Receivable

  • Other Invoicing
  • Receipts in Bank
  • Age wise Outstanding
  • Journal Voucher
  • Credit and Debit Notes

Sub Dist Business Statement

  • Generate Revenue, Credit and Debit notes for a period
  • Submit Expense, payment details to distributor
  • Statement submission for invoice generation


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