An end-to-end Broadcast Management System for Television Channels. Covers revenues from Ads, Slots and AFPs.

Rights Management System

  • Programme and Movie Master
  • Fixed Point Chart Preparation
  • Rights Management for Satellite and Other Rights
  • Content Syndication

RO Bot

  • A robot that can read standard PDF, excel files, and convert them into orders in the system.
  • Monitor multiple inboxes to fetch incoming RO files.
  • Extract schedule information and create RO in system.
  • Validate deal consumption, commercial availability.
  • Automated email triggers to notify failure or successful processing.
  • Status Dashboard to monitor, reconcile and reprocess failed files.
  • Creation of Make Good RO based on MG file format in CHAMP.
  • Reduce manual data input.
  • Supports PDF and Excel RO formats from major agencies like GroupM, Mediacom, Madison, and clients like HUL and Reckitt.
  • Customization to enable any new file formats.


  • Tags for Opening Credit Lines (OCL) / Closing Credit Lines (CCL)
    • Provision to create tags for the latest list of Sponsors for a given Programme/Episode No/ Repeat No
  • Tags for Promos
    • Provision to create tags that must be attached to Promos of programmes
    • Specify programme based promo tags with effective dates and kill dates

Ad Sales

  • Rate Card
  • Annual Contracts and Monthly Contracts Maintenance with dynamic tracking of utilization
  • Booking Orders
    • Entry of Material Information Sheet, Form1, Booking Order for Spots, Sponsors and Tickers, Cancellation and MG and Copy Advice
  • Release Order Maintenance
    • Confirmation of Booking Orders
    • View Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, Branding Order Booking
      • Options to track Free Commercial Time allotted against Sponsorship bookings
      • Tight Integration with FPC to track bookings that are invalidated by programming changes
    • View Spot Order Booking
      • Entry and Generation provision for Programme Based Orders and Time-Based Orders (RODP)
  • Order Reconciliation
    • Spot Order Reconciliation
      • Provision to list bookings that do not have a related programme due to programming changes after bookingAn easy drag and drop reconciliation process
        • Retain the spot in the same time banc
        • Move the spot along with the programme if the programme has been rescheduled
        • Cancel the spot
    • Sponsor Reconciliation
      • An easy drag and drop reconciliation process
  • Make Goods Tracking


  • Commercial Log
    • Easy Drag and Drop facility to create a log
    • The source list from where commercials can be dragged contain only valid commercials for a given programme and thus improves accuracy of schedule
    • Important Validations
      • Restricts users from exceeding the limit of commercial time allotted in every programme and optionally allows certain users to override the same
      • Prevents spots from being scheduled beyond the RODP time-band specified in the Release Order
      • Prevents Back-to-Back scheduling of same product category commercials
    • A user-definable color-coding system to easily identify type of entries. E.g.: Programme based spots, RODP spots, Promos etc.
    • A dynamic summary of inventory consumed in that programme break-wise for easy reference while scheduling
    • A built-in workflow to specify if the commercial log is complete.
    • Provision to recall confirmed logs to add last minute commercials
    • Provision to view programme-wise schedules and a whole day’s schedule


  • A Click and Generate Telecast Certificate Process.
  • A Click and Generate Invoice Process

Ad Revenue Optimizer and Scheduler

  • Optimizer
    • Generate revenue optimized schedules
    • Control multi spotting at Client, Product, Brand and Caption levels
    • Control minimum service assurance levels
    • Ad position control for First 3 and Last 3 spots
    • A What-If-Analysis screen that lets you compare yields with different optimization parameters
  •   Auto Scheduler
    • This is an independent process that takes care of scheduling spots as and when the Release Orders are entered
    • Provides a better status of Inventory since RODP spots will also be accounted for in the Inventory calculations
    • Sequence of Schedule
      • The Auto-Scheduler schedules one channel at a time
      • For each Channel it schedules all pending Programme based spots in chronological order
      • Then the RODP spots are scheduled
      • RODP spots are scheduled to be distributed evenly across the break available in the range of the RODP time band
      • Preference is given to breaks where the same commercial, same client and same product category are not present in that sequence
      • Programme based spots get preference over RODP spots. If a programme break is full of spots and a programme based spot is to be scheduled, the auto scheduler attempts to unscheduled any RODP spots in the programme and replace it with the new programme based spot. The RODP spot is then rescheduled in other available breaks 


  • This is very similar to the Commercial logs. Helps in scheduling all break items apart from commercials and Tags
  • Provisions to schedule Promos, Break Bumpers, Fillers, Channel IDs etc.
  • Important Validations
    • Prevents from exceeding the total break duration for a programme
    • Validates the versions of Promos played against its location on the FPC. For e.g., a NEXT version of a promo cannot be played in a programme unless the next programme on the FPC matches the programme of the promo
  • Color coding features to identify entries visually
  • Optionally, attach promo tags automatically when the promo is dropped into the schedule
  • Dynamic Inventory Summary break-wise is displayed

As-Run Reconciliation

  • Import of As-Run Logs from the Video Server (Custom Development)
    • Auto Reconcile by showing Missed Spots and Additional Spots separately break-wise
  • Manual Reconciliation with As-Run log
    • Mark items as Aired, Missed or Additional
    • Change Actual Tx time Segment-wise. The rest of the times will be auto calculated for that programme
  • Built-In workflow to send the monitored items for Billing
  • Provision to Link unplanned spots that have been aired to existing Release Orders before billing